for those who study English
(Learning English by Theatre)
by Michel Fustier

This site presents fifteen historical theatre plays of about ten minutes each, written to help the innumerable children and grown-ups who, all over the world, are desperately trying to learn English. Divided into four or five acts in good simple English, although not childish at all, they are easy to be memorized and played and will allow students to enter into the English language in a most interesting and pleasant way. These plays are designed for students from 12-15 years old to… but there is no higher limit and they can be of great interest for adult students also. Each play is followed by a short note about its historical background which will allow the actors (and the audience!) to fully understand the situation.

Here below you will find the index of the titles. To freely access the complete texts, just click the title. Then, you have to click again to download the play in Word format.

MacArthur in the Pacific, 4 actors, 10 min.
Beethoven gets angry, 3 actors, 10 min.
Pasteur and the child bitten by a rabid dog, 5 actors, 10 min.
The legend of Antigone, 6 actors, 10 min.
Van Gogh and the auctioneer, 6 actors, 10 min.

Romeo and Juliet's nurse, 4 actors, 10 min.
Armstrong in the moon, 4 actors, 10 min.
Mozart's Magic flute, 5 actors, 10 min.
The legend of Siegfried, 7 actors, 10 min.
The death of Richard the Lion-Heart, 4 actors, 10 min.

Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel, 3 actors, 10 min.
The salt march of Ghandi, 4 actors, 10 min.
The cinema of the Lumière Brothers, 5 actors, 10 min.
The Straits of Magellan, 5 actors, 10 min.
Einstein and the atomic bomb, 8 actors, 10 min.

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